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artecoll injections and artefill injections

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  artecoll and artefill injections guide
  indications and uses of artecoll and artefill for persistent correction of facial wrinkles, lines, furrows, and acne scars. can also be used for nipple augmentation.
  composition of artecoll and artefill 75% bovine collagen as the carrier substance with 25% PMMA (polymethylmemethacrylate) spheres, plus 0.3% Lidocaine. The collagen will absorb in 3 months, leaving the PMMA permanently.
  formulations available only one form of Artecoll is currently available, but it is renamed for use in the U.S. as Artefill
  longevity of artecoll and artefill although the collagen carrier absorbs, the PMMA is permanent
  cost of artecoll and artefill
$1000 to $1500 per cc
  allergy testing for artecoll and artefill allergy testing is required due to the risk of sensitivity to bovine collagen. the allergy rate is less than 0.1%
  anesthesia for artecoll and artefill contains lidocaine but a field block for lip augmentation is desirable. topical numbing cream may also be used for other areas.
  recovery after artecoll and artefill injections swelling may be present for several days, especially in the lips

FDA approved? (US)

no, an advisory panel recommended FDA approval for Artefill on 2/28/03, but FDA approval is still pending

  available in US? Not currenly legal for injection in the US, although some doctors may offer it.
  procedure time 30 to 45 minutes
  contraindications of artecoll and artefill positive allergy test, allergy to bovine (cow) material, chronic or acute skin infections
  pros of artecoll and artefill permanent results, has been tested in 200,000+ injections
  cons of artecoll and artefill can feel "rubbery", can be seen as a white substance eventually when stretching the lips, allergy test required, permanency may be undesired, results highly dependent on injector's technique and experience
  notes 2 treatment sessions are recommended, 3 to 6 weeks apart. Injection of a temporary filler first is suggested to confirm the desired result before making it permanent. Artecoll is not recommended for those with thin skin because the implant may feel rubbery or be visible through the skin.
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