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cosmetic surgery procedures
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silikon 1000 injections

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Awake Face Lift Beverly Hills - Natural looking results with local anesthesia.



  silikon 1000 injections guide
  uses of silikon 1000 facial augmentation including lips, lines, cheeks, undereyes, and for HIV associated facial wasting
  composition of silikon 1000
sterile, clear, colorless silicone oil
  formulations available
one formula available supplied in 8.5mL each
  longevity of silikon 1000
results are permanent
  cost of silikon 1000 $500 to $1500 per treatment
  allergy testing for silikon 1000
not required
  anesthesia for silikon 1000 local anesthesia consisting of a numbing cream, local injection, or nerve block may be offered.
  recovery after silikon 1000
swelling, tenderness, bruising possible

FDA approved? (US)

FDA approved for treatment of retinal detatchement of the eye; not FDA approved for cosmetic purposes

  available in US?

some doctors may offer silikon 1000 although it is not FDA approved for cosmetic use.

  procedure time 15 to 45 minutes
  contraindications of silikon 1000
known sensitivity to silicone oil
  pros of silikon 1000 permanent results, non-allergenic
  cons of silikon 1000 multiple treatment sessions required, silicone may migrate to other areas, inflammation, granuloma (lump) formation, not FDA approved for cosmetic use, if complications arise silicone is very hard to remove
  notes several treatment sessions with less material injected (up to 2mL) seems to yield fewer complications than larger amount injected over less time; silikon 1000 does not contain preservatives so the manufacturer advises that it cannot be resterilized and any unused portion should be discarded
  for more information
Alcon Labs
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